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Website Launched 11/27/2016

Total Members 8904

Total Purchases $983170

Total Payouts $60840.5009

MyCycler Details

My Cycler is an advertising company offering high quality advertising services to promote your business and at the same time joining our fast and automated company forced Straight Line Cycler with unique new secret technology designed for no stopping the cycling speed. We are also the only advertising company till date which are offering you full Network Marketing Training in the form of videos and E-books along with an opportunity to make money in our company forced cycler.
We accept Payza, SolidTrust Pay, Bitcoin and Payeer
The cost of one position is $2 in Line 1. Each $2 position comes with advertising credits and when cycles generates 24 new positions in level 1 and 50$ withdrawable profits.
No! My cycler is an advertising site that will cater to your advertising needs. We are not an investment company, HYIP or Ponzi scheme. Upon joining, you will be purchasing advertising packages that will enable you to promote your business opportunities to our targeted visitors on our website. Earnings are just a bonus to our valuable members.
You will get advertising credits to advertise with.
Each 2$ position comes in 5 levels with 6200 Banner credits, 6200 Text advertising credits, 6200 Website click credits.
You will also get Network Marketing Training videos and E-books as a bonus.
Members may open multiple accounts from same IP Address only if each such member uses his/her own separate Payment Processor ID as well as Email ID. Also, one member can have only one account.
Members are free to file disputes. All our payment processors are approved and business verified meaning you received advertising credits automatically every time you purchase positions, plus you are getting quality products on seo training which are of immense value in the market. We can send proof to the Payment Processors Company that you received advertising credits and the Products. You will not get the refund from the processors company plus we reserve the right to terminate your account without prior notice.
You will earn 18$ in your refs each 2$ position purchased on levels 3-4 and 5.
Level 3 - 2$
Level 4 - 6$
Level 5 - 10$
The cost of each ad positions is $2. You will get 6200 banner ad credits, 6200 text ad credits, 6200 Website click credits total on all levels
We cannot guarantee how much time does it take for an ad position to cycle as cycling entirely depends on the number of positions purchased in the system.
No there is no repurchase rule but when a member cycles all the levels, then $40 generates 20 new positions on level 1 automaticaly.
This ensures stability of the cycler as the positions keep adding every day to push the lines.
You can make withdrawals from Monday to Friday ONLY.
There is no withdrawals on Saturday and Sunday.
You can request one withdrawal per day ONLY.
There is NO Withdrawal limit .
Sponsoring others is not required to cycle as each member helps each other to cycle the line, this is a company forced cycler.
However, there is a great reward to the members who share My Cycler to others including referral commission and matching bonus on 3 levels.
This is absolutely amazing and very exciting for hardworking members. Plus there will be referral contests from time to time with exciting cash rewards for members.
Yes! Anyone 18 years or older from any country can join. Members are supposed to comply with their own local laws.
Members can request a minimum daily withdrawal of 10$. There is NO maximum withdrawal limit.
All withdrawal requests are processed manually within 48 hours.
However, if withdrawal went as pending please dont panic, just send us a support ticket.
We have set a daily withdrawal limit per payment processor once it is reached, all further withdrawal requests will become pending till the next day.
There is a 5% fee on all withdrawals.
Members should have at least 1 Advertising position in the cycler to qualify for all referral commissions.
We offer 100% refund ONLY if you are not satisfied from the service we offer or if we do not deliver our services 3 days after purchase. After the 3 days time no refunds will be given.
The minimum funding amount is $10.
NOTE: All fundings are instant. If in case the fund is not credited automatically please contact our support team.
Members can purchase 1 sub at a time in level 1.
Members can purchase subs every 15 minutes.
Spendable Wallet
When You Deposit Funds Into The System It Will Be Shown In this Wallet . You Can Buy Membership And Ad Positions From This Wallet.
Withdrawable Wallet
All Earnings Come To This Wallet. All Funds can be Withdrawn Or Can be Used to Purchase Membership and Ad positions.
There is no guaranteed timeframe for cycling as it totally depends on the number of positions purchased. This is how a cycler works.
Yes there is a Membership upgrade fee of 10$/ Month to be qualified to buy positions in the cycler. Each 10$ pern month generates 5 new positions that makes our straight line cycler a non stop passive income system.